• Bravo 180s Rate Controller
  • Bravo 180s Rate Controller

Bravo 180s Rate Controller

Rate Controller by ARAG

About this item

Bravo 180 and the180s Rate Controllers - automatically regulate the litres per hectare by calculating your forward speed and the amount of liquid being applied.  It monitors total area, treated area and stores the information.  It remembers 5 different lt/ha pre sets.  Very accurate & very reliable.  It is available  with 5 boom sections, 3 boom sections or no boom sections so it can be used for a fertilizer applicator etc...  It has a sealed plug wiring harness and is by far one of the simplest rate controllers to install.  There are versions available to work either a 2 wire or 3 wire motor.  The speed signal can either be taken from a sensor on the prop shaft or wheel Sensor is provided in the kit, or from the ISO plug found in most modern tractors. Price does not include a flow meter or any of the other on/off valves

There are 3 variants - 5 boom sections, 3 boom sections & 0 boom sections (this is used for a machine which just requires a main valve only - eg. liquid fertilizer applicator

Included in each kit:

  • Rate Controller
  • Complete Wiring Loom with sealed plugs (no wiring required)
  • Proximity Speed Sensor
  • Instruction and Installation Manual

 FOR HELP PLEASE PHONE 01361 883418, ask for parts department

We can provide installation if required!