• Bravo 400 RCU with GPS
  • Bravo 400 RCU with GPS

Bravo 400 RCU with GPS

Rate Controller by ARAG

About this item

Bravo 400s rate controller with built in GPS. There are 2 styles available, 1 with just water control switches and 1 with water and hydraulic switches - this is an easy to use rate controller with built in GPS.  It monitors the flow of liquid being applied to give an accurate lt/ha application, but it also can also automatically turn off/on individual boom sections when passing over a treated area.  It has the ability to connect 2 cameras which can be displayed on the main screen.  It comes with a high sensitivity receiver and can be fitted to most makes of sprayer.  It is a CANBUS system, so it can control up to 9 hydraulic functions on the sprayer, all via one small wire coming into the cab.  It works very effectively and makes real savings due to the accuracy of the auto section control.  For more information and for an installation estimate, please contact us 
Supplied with each kit :- Bravo400s, Power cable, RCU, Computer - RCU cable 12m,  RCU - Water valve control cables, flow sensor cable, Hydraulic boom section valve cable.