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Fill Meters

  • Arag Digiwolf Fill Meter

    Arag Digiwolf Fill Meter

    Fill meter

    by ARAG

    fill your sprayer accurately <>  battery operated <> long battery life <> 40 to 800lt/min <> tough & durable <> comes with instruct… £350.00
  • Arag Wolf Flow meter

    Arag Wolf Flow meter


    by ARAG

    ARAG NUMBER 4626***** > Arag wolf flowmeter.  Complete with sensor. This is a paddle flowmeter which can be fitted to any rate control system.  Very simple to install.… £179.00 Select Options
  • Arag Wolf replacement paddlewheel

    Arag Wolf replacement paddlewheel

    ARAG NUMBER 4626000.502 > replacement paddle wheel for wolf flowmeters £50.00
  • Cable for Wolf Flowmeter

    Cable for Wolf Flowmeter


    by ARAG

    ARAG NUMBER 4621AA10000.100 > cable to connect to wolf flow meter.   £15.00