Arag Support Service

We offer a full support service for Arag products.

If you purchase a computer from us directly, you are entitled to telephone installation support at a discounted rate should you need assistance.  We can assist you with programming and talk you through any installation or operation issues you may have.

Arag computers we supply come with a 1 year parts repair/replace warranty.  It is the customers responsibility to send the computer or faulty equipment back to us for testing/repair/replacement.

Technical Phone Support: We provide technical phone support for any Arag computers.  If the computer has been supplied by another supplier (i.e Not Cleveland Sprayers) or is fitted to your sprayer from new, we can still offer you technical support priced at £47.70p per hour. The minimum order quantity for this is one hour.  This is payable by credit or debit card.  The time you have paid for will remain on file.  if you only need our assistance for 30mins, we will place the remaining time as a credit on your account for future occurrence. Generally we find that most problems can solved over the phone within a short period.  (even if your sprayer is still within the warranty period, if you require our help and we did not supply it directly, the fee still applies).

In-field service option.  We can provide onsite support at £47.70p per hour.  This time is measured from our technician’s location to your site and the technicians return journey.

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