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It’s 13-deg. rearward / forward TILT counters forward momentum to achieve improved penetration into standing crop canopy.  

  • Air injection creates relatively large air filled droplets, reducing drift by up to 87%.  

  • Improved penetration in heavy canopy or standing stubble due to a moderate 13° TILT which compensates for forward speed, while maintaining droplet momentum.

  • Improved target coverage.  When small ground level weeds are your problem, avoiding the upright stubble is the best way to hit them.

  • VC COMPLIANT for 2,4-D in sizes 025, 03 & 04

What is great about the CFA-T nozzle?

  • Continuity of spray quality.  So many nozzles spray quality alters at different pressures. Most modern sprayers are fitted with rate controllers so the pressure varies constantly. When it varies, if the spray quality alters, so does the uniformity of application.  The CFA-T makes that a minimum effect giving accurate precise application! 

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March 26, 2019 5:05 pm

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